Trackle – time tracking made quick and easy

Your work requires you to track your time so you can bill your clients. Or perhaps you just want to know how much time you spend at the gym, watching TV or playing video games.

If you need to track your time quickly and easily, now there’s Trackle.

Trackle starts with a list of categories that you define. Add your various clients in, or create categories for Gym time, or whatever you want to track.

From here you can start time using simple VCR-like play/pause controls. Easy at that.

Use the Edit button to quickly re-order, rename, or add new categories.

Once a category is no longer required you can archive it. This will hide it from you list, but it can quickly be brought back – your data is not lost.

Click to start another category and your previous timer stops running.

Once you are tracking time, you can use the Schedule view to get a month-by-month snapshot of the time you have captured.

The schedule view lets you go back through all of your captured time. With a single click you can filter to show or hide your archived projects. You can control how your time is rounded, either to the nearest minute, to nearest 15 or 30 minutes or the closest hour, which is extremely useful when you have to report your time.

Finally, for each category you are able to define how much time you planned to spend on a daily basis. With that information on hand, Trackle can tell you how you are doing against your plan. See your actual capture time, your planned time or the difference between actual vs planned – great for keeping you on track.

Clicking on a day in the schedule will open up the Daily/Weekly view seen below. From here you can see how that day’s total is made up. Click on a category here to quickly adjust the captured time using our easy to use adjustment dial. The adjustment dial defaults to adjusting in 5 minute increments, but can be changed to 1, 10 or 15 minute increments. You can also update your planned time, and even edit notes about the work you performed that day. These notes then appear in the daily view to give you an at-a-glance information about what you did and how long you spent on that task.

Trackle is available now from the App Store.

Click here to learn more.

2 Responses to Trackle – time tracking made quick and easy

  1. Stephon says:


    Great app you have built! Just curious, why did you make adding a new task a two step process (clicking edit and then the ‘+’ sign) instead of just a one step click?

    • Steve says:

      Stephon – I felt like adding categories is not a daily activity. I wanted to make it clear that your normal course of action was to add time in the categories you already have, and not be creating new categories for every little thing.

      For example, I can see you creating a category called “Lunch” which you use to track how long you spend at lunch, but I don’t expect you to create a category called “Eat an egg salad sandwich from Wich Wich”. (Of course, if you want to track that behavior, you can add Notes to your Lunch entry on a given day!)

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