My Daily submitted to the App Store

I have just submitted a new app to the App Store called My Daily.

The purpose of the My Daily is to simplify entry into the Calendar for situations where you are given a daily schedule of back-to-back tasks.

My Daily main screen

The app allows you to set a daily start time. When you add an event, you pick the name from a list of names you define. Each name can be associated with a color swatch, allowing you to classify similar names with the same color.

Your first event will start at the daily start time, and subsequent events will start right after the previous event. Now you can add an event to your calendar by simply picking a name and clicking Save!

My Daily edit screen

The neat thing is: if you delete an event, change its duration, or re-order the event, the start/end times are automatically updated. And the whole time, all of your changes are being synced into your iPhone’s Calendar, so you get all the same automatic alerts you expect.

And because My Daily syncs to your iPhone’s Calendar, each event can also have a reminder alert a few minutes before it is due to start. Reminders are also picked with a single click (no more navigating between screens).

* Update – My Daily is now live in the App Store.

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