iPad HD… let it be true

Strictly one from the rumor mill, but I’m pretty pumped about the rumors of an upcoming iPad HD (or whatever they decide to call it).

The short version is: a pro-sumer iPad intended for users of Apple’s pro-sumer apps such as Final Cut Pro. The device is rumored to have a 2048×1536 Retina display (around 300dpi). I’d also expect to see 128GB of storage and LTE to store and move those big media files around.

Less sure is what it will look like. There were some rumors a few weeks ago that Apple was testing a black powder coat treatment for the MacBook Air, but then an alleged Apple engineer claimed it had been abandoned because of fingerprints. I guess I’m expecting the case to be black or dark grey to match the look of the pro-sumer apps, and to distinguish it from the regular (and much cheaper!) iPad 2. Apple even has an agreement to use LiquidMetal, which is darker than the aluminum on the “2″.

In other news, there was a rumor that Apple was looking to add a second manufacturer for the iPad alongside Foxconn, but this was quickly rebuffed with a statement to the effect of “Foxconn is still the exclusive manufacturer”. But what if what is happening is: Foxconn will start building the iPad HD at their Chengdu plant, while the existing Shenzen plant continues to build the iPad. So in that regard, the original rumor and the rebuff are both true.

Whatever it turns out to be, I know I’m going to want one.

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  1. While an iPad HD would be the first iPad I actually had a real interest in owning, I’m much more excited about the rumors of Apple building their own line of hi-def televisions.

    Unfortunately I’ve missed the boat (in terms of getting in early) on the last 2 really big new platforms, the iPhone and the iPad. Coming late to those games puts you as one of a hundred thousand or more apps that anyone would have a hard time finding unless you got really, really lucky.

    But if Apple comes out with their own HDTVs, and opens them up for third party development, (though that’s a big “if”,) then there might be time to make a splash on that platform before the big boys throw multimillion dollar development budgets at it and before a thousand little guys produce a thousand gimmick apps for it that clog up the market.

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